How to join a chorus

To join a chorus you'll first need a chorus code. This code is specific to every chorus folder and can be found by any member of the folder by opening the chorus folder and pressing the ••• next to the chorus name in the top bar of the app. This will open the chorus folder info screen where the code is visiable.

When you have the code you can send a join request by pressing the "Join" button in the Library screen, putting in the code and then pressing "send request" (Remember that the code is case sensitive).

Your chorus director or any admin of the folder will need to approve your request before you see the folder and can access and start rehearsing the songs.

If you have any issues with your chorus code being hard to read or not working, please feel free to contact us at info@chorusclass.com !

How to rehearse a song

  • log in to your account
  • Select Chorus folder (By pressing the name of the chorus)
  • Select Song (by pressing the name if the song)
  • Select your part/track by first pressing the “mute all button” two times and then unmuting your part/track by pressing the track name.
  • You can add in the other parts/tracks by unmuting them later, or make your part predominant by pressing the other tracks two times to set them to half volume.
  • When your done rehearsing your selected song, press the back button in the top right corner.

How to record a song

  • Always use a headset connected with a cord when recording songs.
  • You can create new songs under “my songs” in the home screen or in any chorus folder you own or have admin rights to.
  • First select the folder you want to save the song in and press “Create song”.
  • Here you can set the song name and tempo and signature for the metronome, as well as uploading lyrics or sheet music for the song.
  • Don’t forget to press save when you’re done.
  • Press record to start recording track. Press stop to end recording.
  • Give the app permission to use microphone if asked
  • To rename track swipe the track to the left and press the edit button. Don’t forget to press save.
  • To delete a track, swipe track to the right and press the trash bin icon.
  • The song automatically saves to your local device while recording to ensure you will not loss any work.
  • When you’re done recording you’ll have to press the upload symbol next to each track to upload them to the server and make them available for all of your members.

How to upload files

Follow these simple steps:

  • Create a new song in app, or Edit one you already have.
  • Press "Upload Track" text in the top of screen or below the list of tracks.
  • If you have to many tracks uploaded and cant see the "Upload Track" text please contact us to be able to upload more tracks to your song (usually when reaching more than 6 tracks).
  • Select your audio files.
  • Swipe the track to the left and press edit button to rename.
  • Press upload to server button to the right of track name.

We support the following file formats: .MP3, .WAV, .AAC, .MA4, .AIFF
For other file formats, such as MIDI, convert the file to any file format we support and then follow the usual steps.

How to share songs with others

First you need to get a PRO account to create new choruses and to add members. If you are new to ChorusClass you will automatically have a 30 day free trial for a PRO account.

To create your own chorus folder, press the "Create" button under my choruses next to "Join" in the library screen. Fill in the details for your new Chorus folder and press save. After that, there are two ways to invite members.

Many members

This way is most suitable when inviting many members, or you don't have their email addresses.​

  • If you've already saved your chorus, open your chorus folder and press the ••• in the top right corner of the screen.
  • On top of the screen you'll see a short Chorus Code which directs to this specific chorus. Share it with your friends (e.g. write it on the whiteboard, or post it to your Facebook group) and they can enter it in their app with the Join button.
  • In this same screen all who have entered your code into their apps will come up. Press the Accept button to give them access and let them rehearse your songs.

Few members

This can also be used when filling out chorus info in the creation step. This way is most suitable when inviting very few members and you already have their email addresses.

  • If you've already saved your chorus, open your chorus folder and press the ••• in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Invite your members by entering their email-addresses.
  • If the member have a ChorusClass account they will imidiatly be added to the folder as a member.
  • If the email is not tied to a ChorusClass account an invitation Email will be sent. contaigning information on how to get started.

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