About the app

The problem

When learning new songs, everyone in the choir has to learn their part before singing together. If you can read sheet music, this can be done in advance. But otherwise it is best done by separating the parts with their voice leaders, then listening and repeating until it sticks. This can be time consuming and tedious during choir practice.

The idea

By sharing audio of the songs and their different parts to the choir members , they can practice at home, at school, at work or anywhere!

The app

ChorusClass is an app that makes all of this possible.

Record voice or instrument parts in our multi-track recorder. Share the song with the members of your choir. They can now access the songs and start practicing!

By muting everything but their own part, they can listen and repeat until they know it by heart. By unmuting the lead part, they can practice singing together. They can then continue to unmute one part at a time until the whole choir is audible. Finishing off by muting their own part, so they can sing together with the whole choir.

If you don't want to record all the parts by yourself, the voice leaders in the choir can record their parts through the shared song in ChorusClass. Or if you have pre-recorded parts, you can upload them in the app aswell.

More time for singing together

When members are more prepared for choir practice, you can spend your time on the fun parts – singing together!