About ChorusClass

This is our story

We started singing in a choir when we were young. At choir practice there was a lot of time spent teaching everyone the different parts separately. Those who could read sheet music could do it in advance, but the rest would have to listen and repeat until it stuck. There had to be a better way!

Through the years we have developed ideas on how to simplify and improve practising and rehearsing. A lot has happened since our first attempts on the Sony Walkman in the 1990s but we still didn't have an up-to-date tool using today's digital technology to make practicing and rehearsing in between ordinary rehearsals easier. Since everyone nowadays have smart phones with access to the internet, we could realize our ideas. This is why the ChorusClass app was born.

ChorusClass has become reality

​The guiding star for developing ChorusClass has been simplicity – it has to be easy for everyone to use, even those with little experience using apps. It has to be easy to record or upload the different tracks and add parts in the song. It has to be easy to connect and collaborate with other choir members.

​When everyone can practice their parts at home, on the bus, in the car, ...wherever, you can spend your time during choir rehearsals on the fun and important parts – singing together.

About us

Håkan Berg

Founder / Business Developer

Music and singing has been the main interest since I was a young boy. Having spent most of my working career in corporate and business, ChorusClass gave me the opportunity to combine my interests with my experience from work.​


Ingrid Berg


Singing in choirs and bands since early years. Biggest milestone in singing was when we competed in the international championships in barbershop in Las Vegas. The experience from the barbershop competitions and community is what inspired Håkan and me to start ChorusClass.


Olof Berg


I grew up around music and singing. I started singing in a choir and started performing in musicals when I started university. I've been working with ChorusClass since the beginning, getting feedback from customers and hammering out features. I wish I'd had the app back when I was rehearsing for the musicals and stage shows!