Rehearse your parts

Anytime, Anywhere

How it works

Record your songs

Record your own parts for multitrack songs.

Rehearse your part

Only hear the parts you want to listen to. Simply mute the rest.

Invite friends

Create new choruses and invite members.

About the app

ChorusClass is an app that makes it easy for chorus members to practice at home, at school, at work or anywhere, with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Record voice or instrument parts and share the tracks with the chorus. The members get instant access to the learning tracks so they can practice in between rehearsals. This gives more time at the chorus rehearsals for singing together.



For Beginners

This is for those who want to try out ChorusClass, or want the app for a limited use or time.

  • Practice & Record songs
  • ​Metronome & Pitch tone
  • ​Free Cloud Backup
  • ​Record up to 3 songs yourself
  • ​Membership in 1 chorus


$ 2.49 / month

For Singers

This is for singers who want to use ChorusClass frequently with nifty features to help them rehearse.

  • Everything in Free
  • No ads
  • ​Record any amount of songs
  • Membership in any amount of choruses
  • ​Looping Songs
  • ​Half Volume option for tracks
  • ​View PDFs uploaded to songs


$ 4.99 / month

For Directors / Admins

This is for admins who want to share their songs with others.

  • Everything in plus
  • Create choruses
  • ​Invite friends to practice your songs
  • ​Collaborate with other PRO users by recording different parts of the same song


You can get subscriptions for your whole singing group, at a 50% discount!

About us

The idea behind ChorusClass is a super easy recording feature to produce parts you can rehearse to. Record them all yourself, or get help from a voice leader or others, still equally easy.

Read the rest of our story or contact us.

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