Free trial

When you first sign up for ChorusClass you get free trial for one month, so you can try out all the features before you decide which subscription model is the best for you and your choir.


If you want to use ChorusClass for you whole choir, a bundle is the way to go!

3 months

$ 5.25 / member

6 months

$ 10.50 / member

12 months

$ 19.50 / member

If your choir is bigger than 50 members you only pay for the first 50. E g, if your choir is 100 people and you want a 12 month bundle, you only pay $975.

If you manage several choirs and want to use ChorusClass for all of them, please contact us.

Individual subscriptions

If you want to use ChorusClass for yourself, or a smaller group of people, there are individual subscriptions in the app.


$ 3.49 / month

For Singers

This is for singers who want to use ChorusClass frequently with nifty features to help them rehearse.

  • Practice & Record songs
  • Metronome
  • Cloud Backup
  • ​Record any amount of songs
  • Membership in any amount of choruses
  • ​Looping Songs
  • ​Half Volume option for tracks
  • ​View PDFs uploaded to songs


$ 7.49 / month

For Directors / Admins

This is for admins who want to share their songs with others.

  • Everything in plus
  • Create choruses
  • ​Invite friends to practice your songs
  • ​Collaborate with other PRO users by recording different parts of the same song

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