Press release

ChorusClass and Choir Genius initiates cooperation to bring a comprehensive digital support to all choirs around the world.

From January 2023 customers using Choir Genius and ChorusClass will be able to upload all their song tracks from Choir Genius to ChorusClass with a simple click in Choir Genius. Together they form a comprehensive offer to make choir singing easier.

ChorusClass and Choir Genius has a common mission - to get more of the world singing. Choir Genius is making it easy for choir administrators and musical leaders to run a choir. ChorusClass enables choir members to rehearse anytime anywhere.

Choir singing is an extremely popular pastime around the world. In recent years it has become more and more important to find digital support for both management of the choir and to support remote rehearsals.

During fall ChorusClass and Choir Genius has been working on a technical integration to make it easier for choirs to use the two tools together. Starting January 2023 the solution will be launched to the market.

Olof Berg, CEO of ChorusClass: “Many of our customers are asking us about digital support in choir management. Choir Genius provides an effective and affordable tool to manage all that. Starting from January it will be much easier for our clients to combine ChorusClass and Choir Genius.”
Tom Metzger, Founder and CEO of Choir Genius: “During Covid it has become even more evident that choirs want to have the opportunity to rehearse also remotely. ChorusClass is the best app I´ve seen in the market supporting that. I´m really looking forward to provide the integrated feature to simplify working with the combination of Choir Genius and Chorus Class.”

Choir Genius is an effective and affordable solution to choir management problems. Choir Genius has since 2009 provided real end-to-end solutions to the most time-consuming and expensive problems such as attendance, ticketing, communications and membership management. Hundreds of choirs are enjoying the benefits of managing the choir thorugh Choir Genius.

ChorusClass is an app where you can record or upload and share audio of the songs and their different parts to the choir members, so they can practice at home, at school, at work – anytime, anywhere. By muting different parts, the choir member can choose how to practice. ChorusClass was launched 2016 and have more than 80 000 registered users in more than 100 countries.

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