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December 20, 2018

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February 2, 2018

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December 20, 2018

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Chorus of the Month: April

April 19, 2018


In the magical Hälsingland lies Hudiksvall, a neighboring city of ChorusClass' capitol. This is where we find April's chorus of the month: Hudiksvall's Chamber Choir! From inside, we can hear songs in several different languages.

The Chamber Choir was founded by Palle Lindström 1973 and thus celebrates its 45th anniversary this year! Now the choir is led by Kerstin Winblad von Walter and has 16 active members.

”We are a mixed choir not connected to any parish, but we gladly sing in churches”, Kerstin tells us. ”We've used ChorusClass for our last choir concert, for example, when I recorded parts for Now is the Month of Maying”.

The chamber choir sings a lot of classic music, such as Faurés Requiem, Carmina Burana, Bach's Christmas Oratorio and Mozart's Reqiem, and this preferrably together with chamber orchestras.

”We also sing traditional spring songs for the end of April, and we have a tradition to sing at the end of Christmas.” They have also collaborated with local singers with a repertoire of Swedish songs and Latin american music.


”2015 and 2016 we did a collaboration with SFI students (Swedish For Immigrants) who got to sing in Swedish with us in the choir. We invited guest performers and the title was: ”Let's Sing Together Again” with the subtitle ”What's typically Swedish?”. 2017 we also invited a man from Syria who performed a song in Arabic.

We decided to collaborate with SFI-students to let them sing along with a swedish choir and at the same time learn the swedish language and culture.

Since I work at SFI, I practiced with the students once a week. Before the concert, we had one evening practice together with the chamber choir. The students sang lead melody and the chamber choir sang the parts. Additionally, we had a few students who sang in their home language: Kurdish and Arabic. The chamber choir also got to learn some phrases in Arabic.

The concerts were much appreciated by both the audience and the students who participated. The purpose was also to get the students to join choirs. To join the chamber choir isn't easy, though, since you need to be able to read sheet music and be used to sing in parts, and to find other choirs isn't easy either. There are mostly church choirs here and not all students are christian.”


Now the chamber choir is rehearsing to sing in the spring at Walpurgisnacht in Hudiksvall.

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