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December 20, 2018

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December 20, 2018

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Chorus of the Month: March

March 9, 2018

In the middle of the Baltic Sea, there's an island called Gotland, or the island of Roses. On the island of Roses, there's a city surrounded by a medieval stone wall, 20 ft high, where people can occasionally be seen walking in clothes from the middle ages: The city of Visby. It's in this city where we find our first Chorus of the Month.

We sit down with the leader, Sofia Ahlin Schwanbom.


Who are you guys?

We are Gotlands Musikalkompani, a voluntary association which lets young people develop and practice their talents in musical theater under as professional conditions as possible.

Our company celebrates its 15th anniversary on Gotland this year, even though the company has been around since the early 1990s, when it was known as Gothenburg Musical Company, Göteborgs MusikalKompani.

At the moment, we're rehearsing The Sound of Music, which will open on April 6 , at Wisby Strand, the modern congress and event arena in Visby.



How many are you?

We have 225 members and each spring, about 50 of them enter the stage.

Several of our members are now professional singers, dancers, directors or technicians, working in many of the major theaters all around the Nordic countries.


Tell us about The Sound of Music!

The show is about a young Austrian woman, Maria, who searches for her place in life. Her search coincides with the time for the Anschluss, the joining of Austria and the growing Nazi Germany, in 1938. She becomes a governess in the beautiful house of the family von Trapp, a family with an absent father, seven children and strict demands for silence and obedience. Since Maria, who is actually supposed to become a nun, has serious problems with both discipline and rules against singing, a new era dawns for the von Trapp family…


Why tell this story?

We chose this musical because we think it´s vitally important to remind people of the importance of music and communication in order for an individual to grow and enrich not only her own life, but also the lives of others. In our version the need for the right to voice one's opinions freely through culture is put in contrast to the demands for conformation and silent acceptance of the ruling of the powerful others.
Also, The Sound of Music is a classic which is both fun and difficult to perform: most audiences have their own idea about how it “should” be performed. We do like to take on that challenge, and we also strive to do as many different kinds of shows as possible, in order to learn and grow as much as possible. Last year , for example, we produced Legally Blonde.


Are you doing everything on your own?

We're collaborating with GotlandsMusiken's professional orchestra and we're supported with sound and light equipment from Länsteatern på Gotland and PA-kompaniet.


Where can we get tickets?

Get them here!


For more insights behind the scenes of Gotlands Musikalkompani:

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